Santa Fe Valley Flyer
My Kitbashing The Santa Fe Valley Flyer Project
Watch The Work Involved In This Project
At this point, the LEDs are installed for head lights and marker lights, a new sound unit, and a new smoke unit. It does "makes lots of smoke at low speed". The shroud is next. Check out the link at the top of the page for a look at the prototype.
In this picture the molded plumbing was removed and the cab raised up 5/8" so that it was the proper height for this engine.
In this picture you can see a new stack, generator, pop valves whistle, and rebuilt steam dome were put on.
In this picture, the upper side of tender was removed as the Santa Fe had strata sides not curved on top
An oil tank was added to replace the coal bunker.
Another view of the oil tank.
Fill caps have been added to the oil tank.
Installation of the two new strata upper side frames.
Upper side frames are installed.
Another view.
Another view.
Oil tank in place, side frames rivited and in place, tool boxes installed on lower body and water house cabinet built and installed on top of water tank
Three axle trucks are installed.
After being replumbed and first coat of primer.
Sitting in the sheet metal shop having her new dress put on.
Diagonal view showing the front skirting.
Vern Painting The Valley Flyer. ( Secret's Out )
Completed Project pulling into Station
Another View
Another View - Isn't she beautiful ?
Another view.
Yes Indeed A Real Beauty !

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